10 CAN, Inc.

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Serving Military & First Responders

10 CAN, Inc. is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization located in Newberry, Florida. We host outdoor retreats designed to motivate and perpetuate a warrior(s) ethos. In addition to providing retreats for American Heroes, we offer outdoor recreational therapy for our International Coalition of Wounded Warriors from around the world.

These retreats are made possible by our coalition partners, corporate sponsors, donors, and supporters. We need your help to maintain and grow our mission outreach.  We currently have a direct impact and serve around 2,000 Military and First Responder family members per year. Indirectly, we provide substantial assistance to nearly 10,000 families. Become an annual sponsor and help us make a positive impact in someone's life today. 

Our main objective for American Heroes is to build/restore family relationships affected by their service and sacrifice. Military families lose precious time when their Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine deploys. Spouses take on the rigors of running a household, children cry themselves to sleep, and the Warrior yearns for the day to redeploy home. While nothing can replace time lost, stress endured, or lonely nights staying alive, the opportunity to restore hope rests within the next family adventure. By reigniting an emotional connection through an outdoor adventure, we believe the birth of Salvation will overcome any and all limiting factors.  

First Responders endure the worse of mankind and mother-nature. It is said that once you see something, you can never un-see it. Saving lives, taking lives, and being in the mix of some of the most horrific scenes imaginable impacts mental and spiritual health. Learning coping strategies is part of surviving a career of public service, but you don't have to cope alone.

At 10 CAN you are not treated like a client, but as family. We do not give hand-outs or treat you like a victim. You become part of the retreat, serving one another as Christ served us. No, we won't wash each other's feet, but we will clean fish and animals, wash dishes, build campfires, and saddle-up together. You are a Warrior, America's finest, and our Hero.     

I'm no longer focused on my disability, but rather my new ability that will positively impact my faith, family, and community.” - Founder Ret. MSgt Matthew R. Burke

Motivational Retreats

We believe that actions speak louder than words. The great outdoors is the perfect platform for us to demonstrate the true healing of love through compassion. Escape social expectations and just be yourself. Creating a new norm after being injured or wounded is not easy. We get it, because we've lived it. Join us for a retreat and learn how to be fit-to-fight as you are. 

Enjoy outdoor recreational therapy. Invest some alone time in nature, with comrades, or restoring family bonds. Focus on Spiritual healing. Your holistic wellness depends on you taking action. Get up, gear up, and let's go.  

Wounded Officers Initiative

We provide local retreats for Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) through the Wounded Officers Initiative. These retreats are confidential. Each retreat is uniquely fitted for guests. We offer seasonal hunting, fishing, kayaking, equine therapy, campfire R&R, and much more. Our partners at R4 Alliance, Soldiers Freedom Outdoors, and Marker One Flats Charters ensures each adventure is individually focused. You are not a victim or a patient, you are a Warrior and an American Hero.

Spend a weekend with us, or just a day on the water, and we'll show you how much America cares. Learn combat coping skills from Wounded Warriors. Avoid being psychologically analyzed inside of four walls, and enjoy the healing effects of Outdoor Recreational  Therapy (ORT). ORT is the future of Veteran healthcare. It is years in the making, and now readily available to LEO.