10 CAN, Inc.

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Race Details

  • One or two day course w/ overnight camping
  • Kayak, Canoe, or SUP
  • Azimuth Land Navigation Course
  • Obstacles
  • Wilderness Survival Skills Test
  • 40+ Mile River Course    

  • Team (3-5 person)
  • Competitive  
  • Recreation (single or teams of any size


What are the transportation accommodations?

You are responsible for making arrangements for drop-off and pick-up. No overnight vehicles at Blue Springs Park without authorization.

Do I need a fishing license?

All competitors must comply with Florida Wildlife Commission rules for fishing, hunting, and trapping.

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

Ages 10-15 years old accompanied by parents and must have a parental release form. Individuals 16-17 years old also need a parental release form, but may compete with approved adult. Those 18+ years old need a release of liability.

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

Yes. Contact us to transfer.

What does the race entail?

Each category has different levels of grading with a single level of intensity. Experts will compete as singles against one another and are graded on Primitive Survival Ratings, overall time, and best overall sportsmanship. Novice are graded on go/no-go and best time. Both compete in the full two-day course. Recreationalists are not graded, can compete in the single-day or two-day course, and may use this race as a fundraiser for a charity of their choice (must be approved).

Race begins at Blue Springs Park in High Springs, FL. with a land navigation course via azimuth (compass with distance and direction). Each competitor and team must reach all five checkpoints and complete each obstacle before moving on to the river course. Teams and competitors will ruck day-one survival gear throughout the course. Teams may use a relay format to complete checkpoints, or may elect to complete course together. Recreationalists may check-in bags during registration. Teams and competitors may check-in day-two sustenance bags during registration. These bags will be delivered to Camp Butters, which is the river stopping point for day-one. At Camp Butters teams and competitors will take on five more checkpoints. Each of these checkpoints will have a survival skills test (I.E.: fire starting, spear throwing, tomahawk/knife throwing, archery, self-defense, etc.). Following, both will then be graded on shelter construction and water purification. 

The next day, we will begin launching before sunrise in reverse order of arrival. Everyone who starts the day-two paddle must finish before 5:00pm. There will be two checkpoints along this river race. These checkpoints are for your safety, and allows us to keep track of everyone along the river. The finish line is at Hart Springs Park on the Suwannee River. We will celebrate with free food, music, and awards.   

Why should I participate?

Athletes compete to test their endurance, survivalists challenge other survivalists, warriors participate to honor a warrior's ethos, and others to honor our deployed troops. This race is modifiable to compliment physical limitations, and is an adaptive sport. This race is designed to demonstrate our appreciation for deployed Military troops by "Embracing the Suck" for 48 hours. Funds support Children of American Heroes through Outdoor Recreation and Education.

Rules of Engagement?

No guns, alcohol, or illegal drugs. No weight limitations on ruck. Maintain composure, sensor vulgarity, and play fair. Stay with team mate if you have one. Call out safety concerns. Be prepared mentally and physically. No motorized vessels. Exception: active LEO may carry a concealed weapon, but must check-in and certify status during registration.    

Contact 10 CAN, Inc. in Newberry, Florida to learn more about the survival race and other events. You may also visit our Facebook page.