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Welcome to the OUTdoors Challenge

An Outdoorsman's Ultimate Tournament

The Challenge

OUT, presented by Bass Pro Shops, is the Outdoorsman’s Ultimate Tournament that tests hunting, fishing, and foraging skills while promoting conservation and field to table sustainability. Two-man teams will spend a weekend harvesting wild game and fish, invasive species, and gathering samples of edible plants. Harvest will be donated to a local charity to feed underprivileged families. Do you have what it takes to live off the land?

When: Oct 12-14, 2018

Where: Event Basecamp located at Gilchrist Club, Trenton, FL.

Why: To promote outdoorsmanship and conservation, reduce harvest waste, protect ecosystems, feed the hungry, fundraise for wounded warrior families, and find the ultimate outdoorsman.



This outdoorsman's challenge is for men and women alike, in all walks of life. You'll showcase your skills in hunting, fishing, and foraging. You do not need to be a pro, but simply have the legal and ethical means to safely participate.  
Only 100 two-man team spots available. Register early to have your chance at proving you're the Ultimate Outdoorsman. 


How: Teams will check in on Friday by 3:00pm, attend an opening ceremony and briefing, then head out to their favorite hunting/fishing grounds. Minimum and max weights apply, bonus points for invasive species. Teams will receive a list of wild edibles to gather for additional points. Time stamped pictures must be taken for validation. Animals must be processed, deboned, packaged, and ready to cook. Check in and judging begins Sunday at 12:00pm and ends at 3:00pm. Results and awards will be presented during closing ceremonies at 5:00pm.

Rules & Regulations

Event rules and regulations coming soon. State and Federal laws must be complied with. 
All harvest must be achieved from Friday Oct 12th to Sunday Oct 14th. 
Minimum Fish Weight:....
Maximum Fish Weight:...
Invasive Fish Species:...
Fish must remain whole but be gilled and gutted. Any fish over cooler size may be dismembered to fit inside cooler, but size and species must be identifiable.
Minimum Hunting Weight:...
Maximum Hunting Weight:...
Invasive Species:...
Animals must be butchered, processed, deboned, and inserted into a 1 gallon size zip lock bag. Meat must be clean, fresh, and ready for cooking. Any evidence of freezing is a disqualifier.
Foraging: an items list will be provided at check in. You must photograph and/or collect a sample of each item for maximum points.