10 CAN, Inc.

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10 CAN, Inc. focuses on three programs: Outdoor Recreational Therapy, Children and Youth Development, and Family Fitness.

Outdoor Recreational Therapy 

Outdoor Recreational Therapy (ORT) is the single-most important factor in rehabilitation. From ancient times, nature has proven to be medicinal. We work with the R4 Alliance to collaborate with other nonprofits across the Nation in treating disabled Veterans to ORT. Our local methodology is a Survival Challenge on the Suwannee River. Veterans are launched at White Springs with only 10lbs of gear. This "Embrace the Suck" premise provides enlightenment as to how good their life actually is. We take for granted our warm beds, hot showers, electricity, and availability of food and clean water. This is a "must-go" for anyone considering suicide. It will change your life.

Children & Youth Development

Our Children and Youth program focuses on three areas: hunting, fishing, and wilderness survival. We host an array of camps throughout the year to teach these core traditions. Children and youth are at a vulnerable stage in their life. We must focus on establishing a rock-solid foundation for them to lean on when they encounter traumatic experiences. We secure our future by focusing on adolescent development. However, planting seeds alone is ineffective without someone to cultivate. That is why parental involvement and family fitness is so important.

Family Fitness

Our philosophy in focusing on the family is a vital component to our overall mission. Healing happens at home for disabled Warriors. Parents cultivate the seeds in their children that we sew. It is only through integrating a family model that we find success in the following events:

- Mother-Son Spring Day

- Father-Daughter Dance

- Wilderness Survival Camps

- Family Fishing Days

- Kentucky Hunting Expedition

- Youth Hunting Camps