10 CAN, Inc.

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Outdoor Ministry for military families

About Us

10 CAN, Inc. is faith-based nonprofit for Military and First Responder families. Designed to strengthen families through outdoor adventures, create young outdoorsmen, and offer wilderness experiences for urban families. Founded on Biblical principles and developed for children and youth of American Heroes, the Outdoor Recreation and Education ministry includes opportunities for all youth. Established in 2014 as a Christian Adventure Network, 10 CAN provides retreats for likeminded organizations to revive, refocus, and motivate wounded First Responders, Veterans, and Military personnel from all across the world. 

Headquartered in Newberry, Florida, 10 CAN coordinates a wide range of activities with a major concentration on outdoor education and recreation. This includes gardening, hunting, fishing, wilderness survival, camping, canoeing, etc. Additionally, we offer team building adventures, self-defense training for groups, and marketing assistance to Veteran owned businesses and service organizations.  

We are a grassroots movement to rally Volunteers and Veterans for a cause. 100% of donations received goes toward our programs. Donors are welcome to select which program their funds go to (Children & Youth, Operation Farm2Health, or Warrior Retreats).  Our fundraiser events and services help offset operational cost (public speaking engagements, self-defense training, labor, etc.).

History of Our Name

Divinely inspired, “10 CAN” represents the importance of an emerging adolescent’s Rite of Passage - a vital part of becoming responsible citizens. Also founded on the philosophy of the 10 Commandments, living a good life is as simple as following 10 simple rules.

Three Programs

  • Youth Outdoor Recreation & Education
  • Military and First Responder Retreats
  • Operation Farm2Health

Combined Efforts Go a Long Way

As a Christian Adventure Network we're honored to work with other ministries and similar organizations. Our coalition consists of churches, schools, service organization, government agencies, and outreach programs. We provide spiritual mentoring, referrals, and partnerships that fosters a tribal society. We cross social boundaries to reach all walks of life.   

Our team has more than 100 years of combined experience in Military, Law Enforcement, Adaptive Recreation, Agriculture, and Adolescent Development. Our Family Fitness model builds strong relationships through action, adventure, and the great outdoors.  


 To honor, revive, and grow Military & First Responder families through outdoor recreation and education.


To motivate wounded Military and Law Enforcement personnel through outdoor recreational retreats and spiritual wellness. To enrich the lives of children through diversity in the outdoors (hunting, fishing, foraging, survival, etc.). To promote impact-drive adolescents through a Wilderness Survival Rite of Passage. And to demonstrate that Faith can overcome all.